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Terranol A/S was founded October 2007. It is currently owned by the founders through Terranol Holding ApS, by Syddansk Teknologisk Innovation A/S and by C.L. Davids Fond & Samling.




CEO: Birgitte Rønnow, PhD (Co-founder)

Birgitte Rønnow has worked with strain development and microbial genetics and physiology since 1987. Birgitte has been employed by Danisco Innovation for 20 years and has extensive experience in management, planning, communication, and organization. She achieved her PhD in yeast genetics in 1992 from University of Copenhagen.

Contact Birgitte Rønnow on birgitte@terranol.com



CSO: Ole Sibbesen, PhD (Co-founder)

Ole Sibbesen has many years of experience with metabolite production, enzyme development and biomass solubilization. Ole holds a PhD in plant biochemistry from Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University (1994) and spent 3 years as a Post Doc at University of California and the last 10 years at Danisco Innovation. Ole has substantial knowledge within the IP area.

Contact Ole Sibbesen on ole@terranol.com



COO: Thomas Hvid Andersen, PhD (Co-founder)

Thomas Hvid Andersen has worked with yeast genetics and yeast pathway engineering since 1994. Thomas holds a PhD in yeast genetics (2002) from Copenhagen University. Since then he has been employed by Poalis A/S and lately Danisco Innovation focusing on enzyme technology and de novo production of small molecules.

Contact Thomas Hvid Andersen on thomas@terranol.com


All three founders have capabilities within project management and industrial biotechnology and a track record of commercial and technological achievements.

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